The Last Epistle

This is the last report from me, The Professor, for this 4 month journey through Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland.

My travel diary will continue from the last week in October into early November, when Linda and I will be spending 2 weeks in New Zealand. So dear readers, put the date of the last week of October in your diaries, and follow the adventures of Linda and myself in the ‘Land of the Long White Cloud’. I’ll explain that name when in New Zealand.

In the meantime, read on, for the conclusion of our adventures.

Monday 11th September

Yarrawonga & the King Valley

Linda and I had a much better sleep last night, so it was going to be a day of activity. Firstly Linda did our washing, the last lot before we head home to Creswick tomorrow. She needed to do some otherwise we would have no ‘smalls’ for the next few days. Washing having been done we all, Bob and Maureen included, headed off for a drive down the King Valley south of Wangaratta, heading for the small town of Cheshunt. The road south of Wangaratta follows what was once a narrow gauge ( 2′ 6″ gauge ) railway line from Wangaratta to Whitfield operated between the early 20th century to the mid 1950’s

The drive to Cheshunt was along the wide King Valley for around 40 Km following the King River through very fertile cattle, sheep, and dairy county; the foothills of the Great Dividing Range surrounding us on the east and western sides of the valley. Initially the valley is a few kilometres wide, but once past Whitfield the foothills close in on the valley. Very pretty country all the way.

At Cheshunt we turned west for about 2 kilometres to the Chrismount Vineyard set on the side of a hill that was our object of today’s trip. Here Bob parked the car and we were welcomed by a very friendly and very wet Chocolate Labrador dog; it had just returned from a swim in the vineyard dam. We entered the vineyard tasting room where we were greeted by a very friendly woman who then lead us through a tasting session of the vineyard’s wines. All the wines we tasted were of excellent quality, and all with an Italian heritage as the vineyard was established by a local Italian family.

The King Valley
From the Chrismount Vineyard

It was now lunchtime, and as the vineyard has an attached restaurant, we decided to stay for lunch. As with the wines, the food was of Italian heritage and excellent. Whilst ordering our excellent lunch, the waitress asked about where we lived in Victoria. On telling her Creswick, she told us that it was in Creswick she had started school as a child, and lived but a few kilometres north of our town; small world.

Having enjoyed our lunch we then returned to the tasting room and bought some wine to take back home tomorrow. Having purchased wine we all began the return journey to Yarrawonga. On passing through Cheshunt Bob took the opportunity to look at a small camping/caravan park on the banks of the King River. It was a pretty little park with grassed sites and lots of shade. Linda and I thought we might come back soon and spend a few days at Cheshunt. The excellent Chrismont vineyard is within easy cycling distance of the caravan park. See arrived back at Bob and Maureen’s place at Yarrawonga around 4pm. As we had had a big lunch, we are only having light snacks for dinner.

Tomorrow Linda and I had home to Creswick for the end of our 4 month travels.


Sunday 10th September


Both Linda and I didn’t sleep too well last night, strange bed I suppose, so we really didn’t feel like doing much in the morning at least. Spent most of the time catching up on all the news with Bob and Maureen, then Bob and I watched a DVD I had bought at the Cosmos Centre in Charleville back in late May; The Universe and its Origins. Bob then went off to play a pre-arranged golf match.

After lunch Linda and I decided to drive to Rutherglen, 45 Km east of Yarrawonga, a major wine producing area in Victoria. It was a pleasant drive through flat farmlands following along the banks of the Murray River. At Rutherglen we called into our favourite winery; Chambers Rosewood Winery, to get some of their clean skin wines. As usual on arrival at Chambers we were greeted by their dogs, two very friendly Kelpies. We purchased a dozen mixed red and white wines, plus a couple of extra bottles of more up market wines.

From Rutherglen we drove the 16 Km to the border town of Corowa in NSW where we called into the local liquorice factory; once a grain loading complex, and bought some of their excellent liquorice both plain and chocolate coated. From there we drove back to Yarrawonga via the minor road on the NSW side of the Murray River to Mulwala and thence back to Bob and Maureen’s at Yarrawonga. That was the sum total of today’s activities.