A Very Windy Day

Friday 8th of September

Lake Cargelligo

Linda and I had slept well last night and were not out of bed until around 7.30am for the first cup of tea for the day. Unfortunately we had been bad last night and not done the dishes from last night’s dinner. So after the cup of tea we washed last night’s dishes before having breakfast. After breakfast we showered and dressed in heavier clothing than previously as it was quite a cold morning and remained so for the remainder of the day. Admittedly it was a sunny day with scattered cloud cover, but a very cold and strong wind blew from the south-east all day.

We had walked the streets of Lake Cargelligo yesterday afternoon, so we needed something else to do today. As we had not walked the banks of the lake to the south yesterday, we decided to walk that way this morning. Despite the cold wind it was an enjoyable walk along the lakefront to a free-camp area where a couple of caravans were grazing. Groups of caravans together remind both of us of grazing cowes. Whilst walking through this area beside the lake a local farmer pulled up beside us in his ute and began talking to us about the area, the lake, and the lack of rain. He said that the days this time of year are usually better, but it was currently like Ballarat around here. We immediately responded that we were from Ballarat, at which he laughed.

Lake Cargelligo

From the lake edge Linda and I walked along the road we came in on yesterday back to the centre of town where we called into the local bakery for a cup of coffee and to buy a litre of milk. Whilst having our coffee, Linda and I discussed the weather and what we might do in the next few days. We decided to skip going to Griffith, but continue on to Yarrawonga tomorrow and stay a few days with our friends Bob and Maureen who live there. Bob and Maureen once resided in Creswick for around 35 years before moving to warmer climes. Having had our coffee and bought our milk, we returned to our camper at the caravan park.

The remainder of the day was spent out of the wind inside our camper, reading and playing computer games. Linda cooked a stew for tonight’s dinner. The caravan park has a well equipped camp kitchen that conveniently has a lovely slow combustion heater that had been lit for the night and so the kitchen was nice and warm. Linda and I decided to take our prepared stew over to the kitchen and eat it there in the warmth of the heater. We were joined by about 12 other campers all with bottles of wine and food, so a good night was had with all together discussing anything from politics, religion, Donald Trump, and all our adventures around Australia and overseas. Around 8 of the people were keen ‘Twitchers’ ( Bird watchers ) and had spent the day around the lake watching birds. They thought we were twitchers too and asked us to sign some papers listing the birds we had seen today. We had to disappoint them. The only birds I am really interested in are those with bikini plumage, and there was none of them around the lake today.