I Thought I was in Ireland

Thursday 7th of September

Narromine to Lake Cargelligo

As has been usual for each of the mornings at Narromine, the morning is dead still with no wind, but as soon as the sun begins to rise higher in the sky, the wind begins as a gentle breeze, and soon becomes a howling gale. Unfortunately the gale nature of the wind begins before Linda and I begin packing up the camper. Nevertheless, we were packed and leaving our tourist park at Narromine by 10.30am, heading south and later west towards Lake Cargelligo. The route we were taking was via Condobolin rather than via the main Newell Highway and Parkes.

Initially the drive was through the billiard table country of this area as we drove to the town of Tullamore, where we stopped for coffee and a change of drivers. Naturally a town called Tullamore has an Irish Shamrock as its town emblem; think Tullamore Dew, an Irish Whiskey liqueur. The road we had been following was a back road paralleling the main highway and was mainly used by road trains and other large vehicles, so it was a good quality road.

From Tullamore the countyrside became mor hilly but being quite low rolling hills, the road generally kept to straight lines with only a few sharpshooter corners now and then. The crops as far as Tullamore from Narromine were mainly wheat and canola. From Tullamore to Condobolin much the same, but with sheep also. From Tullamore the road headed south west to Condobolin and eventually joined the Lachlan Valley Way, about 10 Km short of Condobolin.

Condobolin is a quite large country town situated on the main east-west continental railway line from Sydney in NSW to Perth in WA. Asks it was now near 1pm we stopped at Condobolin and bought some lunch before I one again took over driving and with us heading due west to Lake Cargelligo. Still a good road passing through the same slightly hilly countryside and with huge acreages of wheat and canola each side of the road; less sheep past Condobolin.

Eventually at around 2.15pm we arrived at the small town of Lake Cargelligo, situated on the banks of the lake of that name. We soon found the tourist park; though here still called a caravan park, and obtained a grassed site for the next two nights. Having set up camp and had the obligatory cup of tea to test out the water quality, Linda and I then went for a walk into the town centre along she shorline of Lake Cargelligo. It is quite a big lake, and at a guess with a circumference of around 25 to 30 Km, the shore all lined with River Red Gum trees.

The town of Lake Cargelligo has one main street that extends down to the shoreline, a nice wide street but with that ridiculous parking requirement found extensively in NSW and some parts of Queensland, ie: Reverse angle parking. On walking the main street of the town I noticed a preponderance of local Solicitors. Makes one think that the town must be rather lawless! Lawless or not, Linda and I called into the largest pub in town for a drink before returning to the ‘caravan park’ for dinner; leftover ratatouille and lamb chops made into a ragu for a pasta dinner.